Gold value preservation and value-added services | Annualized 20% income + gold rose profit in the current year

In the spot gold order placed by our company, we choose to lock the value of the lock, we will do a unified hedging and hedging service for you.
The price of gold is rising, waiting for the income, the price of gold is falling, and the customer does not have to bear any risks.


Spot gold bullion online ordering business

We provide you with the best spot gold trading platform
Matching transaction, no leverage full-scale spot mode trading, trading product name: 100GOLD,
1 hand = 100 grams of gold, the minimum transaction is 0.01 hands, the transaction fee is 5 US dollars per transaction, no storage fee, no overnight storage

New pneumonia does not constitute an international health emergency forecast for the euro, sterling, yen and Australian dollar

On Friday (January 24) in Asian morning trading, the currency market was little volatile overall, with the dollar remaining firm and spot gold trading in a tight range around the 1560 mark. The market continues […]

Financier George Soros: the U.S. economy could be headed for disaster! A direct attack on US President Donald trump

George Soros launched a direct attack on US President Donald trump on Thursday, saying he was “a liar and a narcissist who wants the world to revolve around him”, according to a media report. “When […]

Gold investment: more than 800 cases of China’s new coronavirus confirmed! Gold is unmoved, the afternoon market will fall?

Spot gold continued to hover around the 1560 mark in Asian trading on Thursday, falling as low as $1559, with little overall volatility. Gold was up slightly last day, hitting $1,567 as high as $1,550 […]

Wuhan pneumonia confirmed 639 cases, the first European silver offering in nearly 20 years! Gold rose, the euro and the yuan fell

Spot gold climbed above $1,560 an ounce, the yen rose 0.5 percent against the dollar and the offshore and onshore renminbi both fell more than 300 points against the dollar on Thursday as fears of […]

The national health and fitness commission: the country confirmed 830 cases of new pneumonia! Today the US and Europe PMI shock wave hit! Gold just fell below 1,560

According to the latest data of the national health and fitness commission on Friday (January 24), a total of 830 new cases of coronary pneumonia have been reported. Spot gold continued to hover around the […]