Gold value preservation and value-added services | Annualized 20% income + gold rose profit in the current year

In the spot gold order placed by our company, we choose to lock the value of the lock, we will do a unified hedging and hedging service for you.
The price of gold is rising, waiting for the income, the price of gold is falling, and the customer does not have to bear any risks.


Spot gold bullion online ordering business

We provide you with the best spot gold trading platform
Matching transaction, no leverage full-scale spot mode trading, trading product name: 100GOLD,
1 hand = 100 grams of gold, the minimum transaction is 0.01 hands, the transaction fee is 5 US dollars per transaction, no storage fee, no overnight storage

Gold still has room to rise? Bulls are encouraged by two big worries! But the rally threatens to stop there…

Spot gold remained moderately positive in early Asian trading on Monday, trading above 1580. Anil Panchal’s brief analysis of gold’s next move is as follows: Gold remains the market leader amid concerns about a new […]

The financial markets

Last trading session review On Friday, U.S. stocks retreated from record highs as concerns about a new outbreak of pneumonia continued to support the dollar and drag on the euro, while spot gold rose to […]

Gold investment morning news: the new crown pneumonia has been diagnosed with more than 70,000 cases! Gold temporarily defend the 1580 pass, beware of market sentiment triggered by big volatility!

International spot gold traded at $1,582.40 an ounce in early Asian trading on Monday. Gold initially wobbled to $1,584.89 an ounce before retreating from that point and is currently stuck above the $1,580 mark. The […]

China’s central bank suddenly cut interest rates! A total of 70,548 cases were diagnosed nationwide! Fed minutes hit this week! Gold poised to hit 1600?

In early Asian trading on Monday (February 17), China released its latest outbreak data: 2,048 new cases of coronary pneumonia were confirmed nationwide yesterday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 70,548. Investors will […]

Epidemic situation newest trend: 13 consecutive drops, cure break ten thousand! The central bank has just “stepped in” again! Gold prices fall short – term!

According to the latest data from the national health and construction commission on Monday (February 17), there were 2,048 new cases, 70,548 in total, and 1,770 deaths. The mood was cautiously upbeat, the dollar remained […]